Applied with precision by the expert team at High Gloss Miami, Hull Pro emerges as the ultimate choice for boat owners who prioritize consistent maintenance and unrivaled protection.

Streamlined maintenance, unrivaled protection for a 32’ contender

This fouling-release coating, meticulously curated by High Gloss Miami, transcends traditional hull care by providing a shield against marine growth, including barnacles and algae. Boat enthusiasts, especially those committed to regular cleaning and maintenance, find in Hull Pro not just a coating but a reliable partner in preserving the Contender's pristine condition.


Regular cleaning creates a lasting defense

High Gloss Miami's application of Hull Pro on the 32' Contender revolves around the core principle of streamlined maintenance. The fouling-release properties of Hull Pro facilitate effortless cleaning, ensuring that boat owners can maintain their vessel with ease. Check out the difference Hull Pro makes in the photo of the half-finished application above.

Whether it's routine cleaning or addressing persistent marine growth, Hull Pro's innovative formula allows for swift and efficient removal, making it the coating of choice for those committed to the regular upkeep of their boats. The collaboration between Hull Pro and High Gloss Miami is a testament to the perfect mix of advanced technology with diligent maintenance practices, ensuring that the 32' Contender remains not only visually striking but also resilient against the challenges of marine environments.

Enhancing efficiency on the water

In addition to its fouling-release prowess, the application of Hull Pro on the 32' Contender by High Gloss Miami introduces significant performance benefits. The reduction in drag, a byproduct of Hull Pro's streamlined surface, enhances the Contender's efficiency, leading to potential fuel savings of up to 15%. This performance boost complements the coating's primary focus on consistent maintenance, offering boat owners a comprehensive solution that elevates both the aesthetics and functionality of their vessel.

Check out High Gloss Miami’s video of their application above!