As someone who reviews over 500 boats annually, I am genuinely impressed by armus. Its advanced technology, durability and positive impact on boat performance are truly remarkable.

Moreover, it offers a solution that minimizes environmental concerns and maintains a pleasing appearance, distinguishing itself from traditional anti-foul options.

Going forward, I wholeheartedly intend to use the hull pro coating on all my future boat evaluations.”

Tom Monty-Swan
Powerboat Champion


The application for Hull Pro is very straightforward. the self-leveling of this epoxy seems very high-end which is part of this amazing technology. I like this product so much because of its sheer strength. My rating is A+ two thumbs up!


Armus came to Top Gun a year ago with one thing in mind - speed. We evaluated Poseidon Extreme on Cigarette Racing’s Nighteagle 42, and what we saw was not only speed, but amazing protection!

In my professional opinion, after using this product for a year, Armus definitely shows more performance than bare gel coat, and it provides fouling protection, with a dive clean necessary only once every 3 weeks.

We just re-sold this vessel and touch-ups were simple with a light recoat and wet sand to perfection.

Armus really took care of us and we stand behind them and their products!

Hull Pro has solved our never-ending problem of keeping boat hulls clean.... Acid wash or acetone, pressure washing and scrubbing... Those days are over!

Shawn Monje
Director of Operations
Freedom Boat Club
Lake Oconoee, Georgia


Love Hull Pro. It’s saving us a lot of money on bottom cleaning. We’re bottom cleaning every 3rd week as opposed to every week.

We’re seeing greater fuel economy and more speed out of the boats too, which makes us very happy, and it’s protecting the bottom.

Unlike competing products, this product is stronger than gel coat and doesn’t come off when our vessel is lifted.

We never use anti-fouling paint... this is the best product we’ve seen without biocides. The speed and fuel savings were just a pleasantly added benefit!

It’s an unbelievable product and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Captain Jarrod Walck
43’ Jupiter | South Florida

I love Wood Guard. I’ve sprayed it on my outdoor furniture and my indoor natural wood floors. Now I no longer have to worry about warping floorboards or cupping due to water damage. Everything was so easy to apply, even as a non-DIY homeowner!

J. Tran
Homeowner | NYC

After testing a Hull Pro-coated vessel against an uncoated one, we saw an obvious difference in speed! The Hull Pro-coated vessel was also much easier to clean with just a wet microfiber cloth!

Brad Beatty
Director of Fleet Operations
Freedom Boat Club
Lake Norman and Lake Wylie

We've got a traditional Greek gullet so I've got wood everywhere on my boat. We have quite a few guests that like to enjoy themselves with the odd glass of wine so that often gets on the deck, along with food and sunscreen. The website convinced me to give Wood Guard a try, so I'm hoping the days of scrubbing out stains from the deck are over! It looks great!

Captain Cookson
Beyond Blue Sailing | Aianteion Salamina, Greece


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