In the stunning setting of Veikkola, Finland, Brabus Marine chose to put Hull Pro’s fouling-release properties to the test. On March 3rd, 2023, they applied Hull Pro to an Axopar 25 Cross-Top. Subsequently, the boat was immersed in Veikkola's waters for four months, offering an opportunity to comprehensively evaluate Hull Pro's fouling-release properties.


Hull Pro distinguishes itself from traditional bottom paints through its fouling-release formulation. Unlike anti-fouling coatings, Hull Pro will not prevent fouling and growth, but its ultra-smooth finish facilitates their easy removal from the hull's surface.

Also unlike traditional anti-fouling coatings and traditional bottom paints, Hull Pro is its eco-friendly and free from harmful biocides. This makes it the environmentally responsible choice, suitable for marine and aquatic life.


Hull Pro’s smooth epoxy finish assists in the vessel cleaning process. It is recommended that Hull Pro coated vessels are maintained every week to 10 days. It is important to note that every body of water is different and has differing rates of growth. 

Many of our documented Hull Pro maintenance projects have taken place in warmer environments such as Florida. This stress test was crucial to see how a vessel’s ease of cleaning with Hull Pro applied will hold up in Finland’s cooler environment.

The distinct differences in water conditions between locations like Veikkola, Finland, and more tropical areas such as Florida, USA, are quite significant. Cooler waters tend to slow down the growth of fouling organisms compared to warmer regions like Florida. In subtropical and tropical waters, biofilm and organisms thrive, leading to more rapid fouling on vessel hulls. Understanding these variations is essential when assessing the performance of hull protection products like Hull Pro.

While it is typically recommended that a Hull Pro vessel is maintained every week - 10 days, we left the Axopar 25 Cross-Top for 4 months without cleaning to see how Hull Pro held up.


Hull Pro simplifies regular cleaning

After 4 months, the team at Brabus Marine pulled the Axopar to find heavy fouling growth present all over the Hull. The team first power-washed the vessel, which removed a significant amount of fouling very easily. After power washing, any remaining fouling was removed using a wet microfiber cloth. The Brabus team was surprised at how little pressure was required to remove the remaining growth from the vessel.

Simple, easy cleaning with a power wash and a wipe down is a testament to the extraordinary fouling-release properties of Hull Pro. Heavy fouling typically requires complex and time-consuming cleaning processes. However, Hull Pro's formulation allows fouling to be dislodged from the hull's surface with minimal effort, reducing the need for abrasive techniques and harsh chemicals. This not only simplifies maintenance but also preserves the integrity of the vessel's surface.


After Cleaning

Before Cleaning


Regular hull maintenance is a cornerstone of responsible vessel ownership, and it complements the benefits of Armus Hull Pro. While Hull Pro excels at fouling-release, maintaining a clean hull is vital for preserving both aesthetics and structural integrity. A clean hull reduces drag, enhancing fuel efficiency and vessel speed.

this diligent maintenance approach also plays a pivotal role in extending the lifespan of the Hull Pro coating, reducing the need for frequent reapplication, and yielding long-term cost savings.


From fouling-release to longevity

The case study underscores the importance of regular hull maintenance, highlighting that Armus Hull Pro’s durable epoxy and fouling-release properties are most effective when combined with consistent cleaning practices. It emphasizes the benefits of this fouling-release solution, such as simplified cleaning, enhanced vessel performance, improved fuel efficiency, and the extension of coating longevity.

Additionally, the case study points out the necessity of understanding your water type and its growth rates. While Armus Hull Pro is a valuable investment for hull protection and performance, regular maintenance remains essential for long-term benefits.