Our friends at Marine Armour applied Hull Pro to this gorgeous 41’ Conch. Hull Pro was chosen for its high gloss finish, its fouling-release protection, and its performance benefits.

Making sure Hull Pro is right for you

We say this constantly, and we’ll keep saying it. If you take care of your Hull Pro coating, it’ll take care of you. Hull Pro is not for everyone. If you are a vessel owner who is dedicated to maintaining your vessel, Hull Pro can help boost your vessel’s performance and make maintenance easier.


    The durability of Hull Pro can protect your vessel impact damage, and protect your gel coat paint from boat lifts and trailers when you’re vessel is on the move.


    Hull Pro gives your gel coat a high-gloss finish, providing an invisible shield against damage and UV-yellowing.


    Unlike other coatings, Hull Pro has been tested and proven to provide fuel savings up to 10%.


    With the proper cleaning frequency and tools, Hull Pro can be reset to its original finish easily, helping you increase your vessel’s resale value.

The premier choice for vessel protection and performance

Hull Pro emerges as the premier choice for vessel protection, attracting customers seeking a cutting-edge solution for hull maintenance. This fouling-release coating not only defends against marine growth, such as barnacles and algae, but also serves as a performance enhancer, optimizing vessel speed and fuel efficiency. Its clear coat application ensures an aesthetically pleasing finish, making it an ideal choice for boat owners looking to maintain the pristine appearance of their vessels. Beyond its fouling-release properties, Hull Pro boasts easy application, enabling boat owners to enjoy hassle-free maintenance. Its durability becomes evident in its ability to withstand impacts, offering an added layer of defense against potential damage. For those desiring a comprehensive, long-lasting solution that combines protection with improved performance, Hull Pro stands as the ultimate choice for vessel enthusiasts.


A safer, more efficient alternative to traditional bottom paints

Detailers gravitate towards Hull Pro for its transformative benefits, presenting a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional hull maintenance methods. Unlike the risks associated with sanding and reapplying bottom paint, Hull Pro eliminates the need for such abrasive procedures, ensuring a safer working environment for detailers. Its clear coat application simplifies the detailing process, allowing for seamless touch-ups and a consistently polished appearance.

Furthermore, compared to the complexities of repairing compromised gelcoat paint, Hull Pro offers a more straightforward and durable solution. When applied correctly, it not only enhances the vessel's aesthetics but also provides long-term benefits, minimizing the need for extensive and labor-intensive detailing efforts. Detailers, appreciating the ease of application and the long-lasting impact on vessel appearance, find Hull Pro to be a game-changer in the world of marine detailing.

The Hull Pro effect

Check out the remarkable transformation as Hull Pro revitalizes the 41’ Conch, turning back the hands of time on wear, discoloration, and marine growth. The gleaming, pristine finish achieved with Hull Pro is undeniable, showcasing not only improved aesthetics but also the powerful protective properties this innovative coating provides.

Check out Marine Armour’s video above of the application process! Reach out to them directly on instagram @marine_armour, or give them a call at: 772.999.1307.