Our partners are Marine Armour are at it again! This time, Hull Pro was chosen as a crucial piece for full vessel protection on this 27’ Blackwater.

Unparalleled protection for a 27’ blackwood

Hull Pro stands out as the unparalleled choice for boat owners prioritizing top-tier vessel protection. As a state-of-the-art fouling-release coating, Hull Pro not only acts as a formidable defender against marine growth, including barnacles and algae, but it also emerges as a performance enhancer. Its unique formula optimizes vessel speed and fuel efficiency, providing a dual-functionality that goes beyond traditional hull maintenance solutions.


Performance Beyond Protection

The multifaceted benefits of Hull Pro extend beyond its role as a robust defender. Boat owners are drawn to its clear coat application, guaranteeing more than just protection — it ensures a visually stunning finish. The clear coat not only shields against marine fouling but also maintains the vessel's pristine appearance. This aesthetic advantage positions Hull Pro as the preferred choice for boat enthusiasts keen on preserving the visual allure of their vessels.

Effortless application and enduring durability

In addition to its fouling-release prowess, Hull Pro takes the lead with its user-friendly application process. Boat owners revel in the hassle-free maintenance enabled by Hull Pro, making it an accessible choice for those seeking ease and efficiency in preserving their vessel's condition.

The durability of Hull Pro becomes apparent in its resilience against impacts, fortifying the hull with an additional layer of defense against potential damage. As the ultimate solution for comprehensive, long-lasting hull care, Hull Pro ensures boat enthusiasts can navigate the waters with confidence and style.

Check out Marine Armour’s video above of the application process! Reach out to them directly on instagram @marine_armour, or give them a call at: 772.999.1307.